Authorized Agency by «Sokol» airbase
for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29


Fly a MiG-29 in Russia for civilians! Fly to the "Edgе of Space" & Complex of Aerobatics in MiG-29! Fly MiG jets in Russia! Cost of the MiG-29 flights at Sokol airbase!

We invite you to have a Flight in MiG-29 - the legendary military Russian Fighter Jet! Company «Space Tourism LTD» is an international Tour Operator of Apace and Aviation tourism.

We suggest you to have flights in Russian MiG-29 fighter jet. Our company is the only Official Representative of the “Sokol” aviation plant, which gives us rights to sell and organize the unique commercial MiG-29 flights for civilians, which rights are proved by an appropriate Certificate. There is only one place in Russia where are commercial flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for civilians are available. It is the “Sokol” Airbase, which is located in the city of Nizhniy Novgorod (400 km from Moscow). Our managers have a great experience in organizing the flight tours because our company has been organizing commercial flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for tourists since the 2005.

Our Agency has organized and carried out more than 290 flights in MiG-29 fighter jet for the last 10 years in the “Sokol” airbase. Nowadays, we are the absolute Leader in the World of selling the flights in Russian fighter - jets MiG-29 UB. Most tourists from all over the World who had a flight in fighter jet MiG-29 are our clients.

Our company «Space Tourism LTD» is offering a few Flight Programs depending on the length and the complexity of usage MiG-29 fighter jets for tourists.

We offer next Programs in MiG-29:

The flights in MiG-29 russian fighter - jet are being sold not only for the citizens of Russia but also for foreigners as well (you can read information about the MiG-29 flights and the tours to Russia for the foreigners in our Web-site: ).
The period of getting the official Authorization or the foreigners is not less than 60-65 days.

Edge of Space & Aerobatics Program in MiG-29 (40min)

First, this is the Most Popular flight program among our clients and it’s popularity became so high because of the complex structure of Aerobatics and high altitude.

This flight program consists of 2 parts:

  1. Comfortable climbing to an altitude of 18-19 km with supersonic speed. During the flight to and in the Stratosphere you will see an amazing, breathtaking and incredible view of the brightest sun, dark endless space and the magnificent scene of the curving Earth (20 min).
  2. After the Stratosphere is reached, the MiG-29 jet will descend to a low altitude and our pilot will perform Aerobatic Maneuvers. The pilot can easily increase the overloads, according to your wishes and health condition (20 min). During that program you will feel 3-9 G overloads during the Aerobatics performance. This flight program was awarded as the TOP-10 Best Worldwide Adventures title!

The cost is UPON REQUEST

Aerobatics Experience in MiG-29 (25/40 min)

We offer two variations of the Aerobatics program which differ in duration and speed acceleration.

  1. Subsonic MiG-29 flight with Aerobatic Experience (25 min) includes the performance of aerobatic maneuvers such as: Flying Inverted, Hammer Head, Roll, Loop, Low Level Pass and etc. However, you will not be able to reach the supersonic speed in the MiG-29 fighter.
  2. Supersonic MiG-29 flight with Aerobatic experience (40 min) includes the performance of the same Aerobatic Maneuvers. However, on your request you can accelerate to the Speed of Sound. Moreover, a supersonic flight will add adrenaline in your blood and an extreme atmosphere with an incredible jet fighter flight experience, and would provide you with unforgettable emotions and memories.

Overloads level is set according to your wishes and health condition. Pilots of the “Sokol” aviation plant are the greatest masters and can perform every aerobatic trick for you, according to your wishes and health condition during the flight. Our aim is to create a comfortable yet, extreme and safe flight!


Pilots of Sokol airbase

Test Pilots & Sokol Staff

You will get to know with our team of professionals without whom it will be impossible to carry out such wonderful flights.

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MiG-29 Clients' impressions

Clients' impressions

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