Authorized Agency by «Sokol» airbase
for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

"Space Tourism" Company (Russia, Moscow)

"Space Tourism" travel agency is a Tour Operator that specializes in organizing jet fighter flights in the Russian military fighter jet MiG-29! We are a full service Agency whose aim is to provide high standards of service and offer highly non-standard tours to Russia.

We are trying to organize the most suitable tours for our customers. That means that we will take into consideration all your requests and wishes.

The order's date of Federal Agency of Tourism concerning the Federal Register of Tour Operators has the following number of issued .

We provide a great variety of different tours but our priority is the flights in the modern Russian fighter aircraft MiG-29.

Our Agency provides Top Gun plane rides in the MiG-29. We have gained sufficient experience providing this kind of top gun plane rides for more than 10 years. We are very proud that we were one of the organizers of these flights in the Russian fighter aircrafts and now we are a leading tour operator in this field. With us, almost everyone can fly a MiG-29 fighter jet. These fighter jets are still on active duty in the airforce of many countries in the World.

Our company has all the necessary Rights from the Sokol Airbase to provide the MiG-29 flights for any client all over the World.

At the moment, we have organized more than 260 jet rides in MiG-29 at the Sokol Airbase during the last 10 years. As a result of all the hard work and dedication, our Edge of Space” flight Program was included in the TOP-10 OF WORLDWIDE ADVENTURE tours with the help of the World Tourist Association!




It’s possible to experience these Unique Flights in fighter jets MiG-29 only in one Place in the World - Sokol Airbase in the city of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia, 400 km from Moscow).

It is quite difficult for any potential tourist to accept the reliability of any travel agency. The team of our company consists of qualified professionals, who fully understand the necessity of high-quality service at any part of the tour and the maximization of safety. Of course, as a travel company, we turn the dreams of our customers to reality! In a country like Russia, with lots of companies claiming to be professionals without any documentation to show, it’s very difficult to convince potential customers, that "Space Tourism" is the right company to choose and a company that can be trusted.

Apart from our Top Gun MiG-29 Rides we professionally organize traditional tours to Russia and we have been in this field of tourism for years. Our advantage for you, a potential tourist, is that we know our country well and all peculiarities of our tours.

One of the most gratifying things any tour operator craves is when the tourist is satisfied and would love to repeat the tour again. We are proud to be one of the most fortunate tour organizers who had the customers wishing to travel with us again and again. If you have some ideas of your own, we would be grateful to create a new experience for you.

We are here to fulfill your wishes, with years of experience, numerous extremely satisfied customers, and a great number of tours.

You can also read our FAQ that might help you to find the Answer for your Questions.

To be assured of the sincerity of these words you can simply visit the page with Impressions of our Customers who had a MiG-29 flight with us in Russia!

We are open for Cooperation with any Agency in the World concerning the sales of our MiG-29 flights and other aspects. You are welcome to be the part of our team and partner. Write us and we will discuss our Cooperation Terms. We will be glad to see you in Our Partners list.