Authorized Agency by «Sokol» airbase
for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

Hurry up to book your date for MiG29 Flight for Summer!High Season is coming!

Summer is close and it is time to think about your vacations!
Our High Season for Mig-29 flights are quite full!
We are actively booking MiG29 Flights for summer now. And it is good way to spend your vacation not usual, and unique!

You still think come or not? Stop thinking!
Lots of people wants to come for MiG29 Flight. Especially, because this summer in Moscow will be lots of events : Air Show MAKS, Russian ARMY Exhibition- 2017! And also our Zero Gravity Flight on IL-76 MDK. People try to combine several adventures together, thats why left not so much dates for MiG-29 Flight.

Why MiG-29 Flight?

Because it is unique opportunity to see " Edge of Space", dark Space upon you and beautiful curvature of the Earth, feel supersonic speed, and power of amazing Russian jet fighter Mig-29!
For booking process need passport and fulfilled Questionnaire and exact date of your flight. Also, permission process takes 65 days.

Be one of few people who did Legendary and Most Populr adventure in the World- MiG29 Flight!