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for MIG-29 Flights, Moscow, Russia

VIP Adventure - Fly a legendary MiG-29

Make your vacations this Summer 2017 in Russia with MiG-29 Flights, Zero Gravity Flight.

Zero Gravity Flight
Zero Gravity Flight
MiG-29 Flights
MiG-29 Flights

Summer is good time to visit Russia and why not combine it with really special adventures?
In August you could experience several interesting adventures:

How to be a cosmonaut and fly in weightless with Zero Gravity Flight on board IL-76MDK!

Have you ever dream to be a cosmonaut or to feel yourself in absolutely freedom flight without any risk? So, you could do it!

The IL-76 MDK plane ascends to a height of 6000 meters, and then at an angle of 45 degrees with maximum speed rises to 9000 meters. Precisely at this moment aboard the plane the tourists feel a g-force of 2G. When the plane is tracing the parable through its apex for its next descend a Zero Gravity mode is created for about 25 to 30 seconds.

You will hover in the air, flying through the cabin of the aircraft IL-76 MDK, multiple overturns in the air! You can feel like an astronaut or a super hero, feel a complete lack of gravity, fly or hang in the air - and much more, what's enough for your imagination!

We collect next groups now for Zero Gravity Flight:

The closest Zero G Flight 24 - 25th of August, 2017
We are receiving documents till the 24th of June, 2017

The next Zero G Flight 21st - 22nd of September, 2017
We are receiving documents till the 21st July, 2017

For fans of highest extreme and want to see curvature of the Earth and feel supersonic speed you could book your MiG29 Flight to Edge of Space. This is TOP-10 Adventure in the World, and all our clients said that they never felt such bright and unforgettable emotions, when you feel speed, power of jet Mig29 and see this wonderful view to the Earth!

You have got very few time to book your MiG-29 flight, because permission process takes 65 days. For booking contact us in direct to choose your desirable date.

Come to MiG-29 flight in the end of August and combine it with Zero Gravity Flight on 24-25 of August, and make your trip really exciting and unforgettable!

And for fans of aviation who want come in July we also have got special offer! Each 2 years in Moscow organize Airshow MAKS –biggest aviasalon with exciting air shows of combat teams from Russia and other countries, helicopters, big exhibition of jets, planes on the groud. This year should be some new program and for sure exciting. So we organize 4 and 6 days tour to Air Show MAKS with excursions in Moscow. You have got only few days to book your place in our group and take part in this wonderful tour!

Dates of our tours are from 19 of July to 24 of July!

You see, that Russia could offer not only classical excursions, but also some really unique adventures which you could try only here! We are waiting for you request and for all questions please contact with us!