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Space month with Zero Gravity and Baikonur Tour is great finish of the year!

ZEro Gravity Flight
Zero Gravity Flight
Our group on Baikonur
Our group

We have got interesting and exciting space month with several events!
In the end of November we complete Zero Gravity Flight in IL-76. Our group consist of tourists from China, France and Russia- really fans of space and adventure!

For all our tourists who flew in Zero Gravity is not just adventure, but it is fulfillment of their childhood dream.

During the flight, the participants during the flight was able to enjoy of 10 Zero-Gravity modes which performed for 25-30 seconds each. Tourists flew through the entire cabin of a huge IL-76MDK, made flights from board to board, walk on the ceiling and tumbling in the air!

Another great event was Tour to Baikonur for Launch of spaceship Soyuz on 17th of December.
We have got several groups, and great project was a Photo tour for "National Geographic" tourists.
On 16th of December we have got chance even to see how ISS space station is passing through territory of Baikonur! One of our tourists have calculated its traektory. It was impressive moment in this space tour!

The culmination of the trip was the launch of "Soyuz" spaceship! With a sinking heart all the participants counted the seconds remaining before the start!

But it was not the end of the tour, as a New Year's gift from our company we make a one-day trip to city of Almaty-one of the most famous cities of Kazakhstan!

We are waiting for you on our our adventures in 2018!

Tour to Baikonur 15th of March 2018

Zero Gravity Flight - 26-27 of April 2018!